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What are cookie
Browser cookie is a piece of data in the form of text or binary data as that surfing the internet can receive from various sites visited. These are stored locally on the user’s hard drive / disk. The intention is that the browser will be able to safeguard personal information from different web servers, such as identification and tracking of user navigation. Use of cookies makes it easy for programmers to handle such as user preferences and online shopping cart. In  this way they can customize the user experience of the individual user.

Cookies were introduced in 1994 by Netscape in Netscape Navigator to retain information about sessions, which are not supported in HTTP.


Order and comments
If you post a comment / review on our page we will get your email, email ip address and your message. This is stored in our database. Name, website (if you have added any), and the commentary is added to the comment are on our page but not your email.

If you buy a product in our shop, we store the information you give us. This is necessary so that we can ship the products you order. This information will also be available to you if you sign in to “My account” once you’ve made an order. One can also shop as a guest in our online store.


None of the information collect via cookies to identify you as a person. Everything is anonymous. We do not use advertisements or other “advertising cookies” on our site. For the same reason, a cookie also be of benefit to you. They may include storing passwords for you, remember your basket and your preferences.

If you want to delete cookies you can do so anytime. The procedure will vary from browser to browser.